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“your construction specialists

Construction & Construction Division is the division that undertake construction jobs for the group. Construction jobs is divided into two broad categories; internal and external jobs. The group is also a recognised CIDB and PKK classified companies. Currently the group has CIDB class G6 and PKK Class A companies. The construction arm is also recognised as a Bumiputera company under the Ministry of Finance (MOF).
Building Construction
“ Building construction is the core service of this division

We have established a good relationship with our pool of subcontractors and suppliers to ensure resources, workers and material are available for project completion. We have the expertise in constructing and completing massive development project within the desired time limit. We also participated for external construction jobs to ensure our division are always competitive in terms of cost, quality and delivery time.
Building construction
Civil and Structure Construction
“ Civil and structure construction has fast becoming our second most popular work and service offered to our customers

Over the years, we have had a lot of similar projects serving most prominent clients. We have the expertise not only in construction but in project estimation, project management as well as project supervision
Civil and structure
Infrastructure construction Infrastructure Construction
“ Infrastructure is a new area for us and so far we have managed to achieve exceptional result in completing several projects for our clients

We have completed several roadwork systems, water drainage, sewer recticulation and sewerage treatment plants for middle scale housing projects.
Bungalow and renovation Bungalow and Renovation Builders/Consultant
“ This is highly specialised area that require esquisite taste, knowledge in the latest design and up-to-date customer preference to ensure our customers will be able to transform their dream into reality

We can give advice on realising your dream home and the financing for it. We have numerous designs for you to choose from whether you are thinking of renovating your existing home or building your first bungalow. We can give you the estimates on the construction cost as well as the processing your application to the authorities and we have the expertise in providing you the information on financing option available for you.
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