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“to develop successful people within and outside the organisation to drive the group business

The basic human resource concept in Fairview Group of Companies is simple. We want to develop successful people within and outside of the organisation. The concentration on human development will be our key area to ensure continuous improvement can be achieved throughout the organisation. We are proud of having people that have leadership qualities and can take charge when required, logical mind and accountable, highly motivated, understand the social responsibility, professional and ″a class above others″.

The changes in our environment have evolved our organisation. We believe in a lean and mean organisation and multi-skilled workforce. Our organisation is easy to be changed structurally. This is shown in the flat organisation structure and matrix system.

In order to succeed we believe in putting people first. Human development is important both for preparing for the good or worst environment. However, in order for the people to be successful, he/she must put the organisational goals as a guide. Achievement of personal goals must be through the organisational goals (win-win formula). There are a lot of opportunities available for those who want to succeed within our group. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Please e-mail us your resume and tell us how do you want to achieve your goal via our organizational goals.

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