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“your packaging solution

Manufacturing Division is the manufacturing arm of the group. From its inception, the division was poised to be the place where the group can tap it′s knowledge and expertise in cost management and control. The company has grown from a small factory to an ISO certifed company delivering packaging solution to it′s customers.

The application of corrugated boxes as packaging material has been used throughout the world. It is cheaper and safer compared to other methods of packaging due to its low environmental impact, flexible, easier to produce and can be recycled. Compared to polystyrene that is non-biodegradable and can produce toxic gas once burnt, corrugated boxes are much better alternative for your packaging needs.

Please contact our factory at telephone number (03) 9021-3285 or fax us at (03) 9021-2750 for the latest quotation of your packaging needs. Or you can contact any of our sales and marketing team at (016) 207-3630 (Abdul Razak Mohamad), (016) 211-3630 (Mohd Termizi Yusof) or (016) 613-3630 (Mohamad Sibli Saibi) for any query regarding packaging or packaging solutions.

Our packaging solution services cover the following headings:
Identification of Packing Needs
“ We provide value add services to our customers by offering our packaging design and consultation based on your packaging requirements

For new manufacturer we can give assistance in your packaging requirements based your product. We can evaluate your packing needs and ensure your packaging solution would be cost effective for your business.
Identification of packing needs
Designing And Sample Making
“ We can help in designing your packaging solution based on your requirements for local or international markets

Designing packaging for your latest products? We can advive on the design of your packaging to ensure it would blend with your corporate image and your target customers and at the same time ensure your final products are safe and secured to be delivered to your customers.
Designing and sample making
Inventory management Inventory Management
“ We can provide the packaging solution without wasting your valuable storage space

You can utilise our JIT concept where we can service you based on your manufacturing demand requirements. This would certainly reduce your withholding cost and your requirement of warehousing space.
Distribution and logistics studies Distribution And Logistics Studies
“ We can advise you on the packaging requirements based on your distribution and logistic needs

Expanding your product distribution area? We can give evaluation on your packaging strengths and weaknesses so that you will be able to ship your product safe and cheap.
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