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“your property management solutions

Property Management Division is the division that deals primarily on management of properties. Normally is a stratified property development and gated development, a property management company will be appointed to take care of the common properties and shared facilities of the designated development.
Property Management Consultancy
“ Property Management Consultancy is the most crucial area of project after the project completion. It requires full knowledge of property management services to ensure the value of the building will continue to add-value over the years

Good human interaction, good services and fast service response are all ingredient for a succesfull property management services. Property management service has become the standard in all high rise building and this requires a new set of people to manage it.
The management concept is not the same as the project development.
We have a proven history in property management and good track record in managing our own project. We can offer our method and systems for our clients′ organisation or to manage a part of the property management functions. The sub-components for property management consultancy service are as follows:

Project assessment and review
Project preliminary assessment
Property management feasibility study
Property management implementation

Management consultancy
Project Design Consultancy
“ Most of the time, the developers′ only concern is the aesthetic value of their building design compromising on the long-term maintenance costs especially those of apartments, office complexes and condominium designs

Project Design Consultancy is relatively a new area in project management. Normally, we would evaluate the project for based on the development proposal. The proposal would include the pro and cons of any building and the risk associated with the management of the complexes.
We can offer our services to manage the complex ourselves or we can offer our expert opinion and our resources to set-up a property management office. We can improve this by evaluating the design and the facilities available throughout the project development.
We can give assistance to ensure the developers will not end up with maintenance cost that would jeopardise the owners property value. The sub-components for property design consultancy service are as follows:

Project preliminary design study
Project post construction design report
Project design proposals and recommendations

Design consultancy
Real estate agency Real Estate Agency
“ Real Estate Agency is a new area that we want to excel in. We are concentrating on condominium type of properties and areas in Klang Valley.

We have the solutions for you to dispose off your condominium units without much hassle. We will evaluate the property and advise you on the best price you should get. At the end of the day you will be ensured to get the best deal in town.The sub-components for property real estate agency service are as follows:

Registering properties for sale
FAQ about selling properties

Property management future Property Management Future
“ Property Management role in the future of property development in Malaysia

Property Management business will become a mainstream business as the country progress. More new buildings will be built and all these buildings require professional teams to manage them. In the future property management will not only concentrate on the area of user satisfactions and property maintenance but also power and resource management. Human resource will play the vital role to ensure the building not only appreciate in value but play an important aspect to the wellbeing of those people who live and work in that building.
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