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“Houses is the among the most expensive investment you would do in your lifetime

Developer License and Advertising & Sales Permit
The prospective house purchasers need to ensure that the developer possess the valid Developer License (DL) and Advertising & Sales Permit. This could be checked with Jabatan Perumahan Negara, Bahagian Pelesenan Pemajuan Perumahan, Kementerian Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan (Tel: 03-2094 7033 / Website:

Type of Houses
The prospective house purchasers is required to visit the project site and the developer′s office prior to the purchase transaction. The prospective buyer/(s) could gather information about the property via sales brochures that provided free by the developer. The list of information to be gathered as follows:

Land Status (either Freehold, Leasehold or Malay Reserve)
Land Title (either master title, individual title or strata title
Land Title (either master title, individual title or strata title
Original history of land (either solid land, plantation land, hilly, mining land or lake land)
Specimen of Sale And Purchase Agreement (SPA)
Size of building (built-up area) and land size
Bearing of the subject property
Project Completion Period
Reference number of building plan approval by the respective local authority
Public Amenities
Access road facility/ highway connections (current and future proposals)

Sale And Purchase Agreement (SPA)
The prospective house purchasers must take the initiative to read and understand the SPA agreement clauses stated prior to signing the SPA. Prospective house purchasers could seek the solicitor assistance whom prepared the SPA for further enquiries.

Total costs to borne by the prospective purchaser
Cost associated with the purchase of property (whether the prospective house purchasers need to bear or subsidize by the developer)

Legal Fees on SPA
Stamp Duty & other legal charges
Legal Fees on Loan Agreement
Stamping fees for the facility agreement cum other miscellaneous charges.

Building Specification
Prospective house purchasers have to ensure that whatever building specification as communicated by the developer′s representative has been included into the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

Model House/Sample House
If the developer completed model house for viewing, PH has to ensure the differentiation between the standard building specification and the display items. This is to avoid any misrepresentation in buying decision.

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